Outsourcing the development of products or services is certainly on the rise as more and more businesses are putting faith in outsourcing certain aspects of their business. But when it comes to software development, business owners often think that it is easier and quicker to assemble an expert team in house rather than to choose a software outsourcing company. Many are under the impression that software outsourcing is not a great idea and won’t produce a great product that can last longer.

An offshore software development team can provide many benefits and offers several unique opportunities that using an in-house team does not, but isolated stories and misconceptions may have left you hesitant to outsource. While it’s always a bad idea to rush into big business decisions, don’t let misinformation hold you back from considering a fantastic opportunity. it is important to not let misconceptions keep you from considering a fantastic opportunity to grow your business.

To help address these concerns, we have compiled a list of some of the common misbeliefs that are associated with offshore software development:

Product may be affected by cultural and communication barriers:

Business owners often feel that outsourcing will bring challenges in communicating as two different cultures work together. While 20 years ago that might have been true, nowadays, with the advancements in communication technologies, tools like Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, Dropbox, GitHub, Zoom, and many more make communicating easy, efficient, and centralized in one place.

Language, meanwhile, has also been a concern for companies looking to outsource. Languages tend to have certain nuances like idioms and phrases that are tough to translate in another language accurately. However, it is unlikely that businesses will encounter such a problem today as most offshore software development teams have highly skilled professionals that speak multiple languages, including English and are able to understand and communicate seamlessly.

The difference in quality:
This is one of the biggest misbeliefs related to outsourcing software development and it is inherently false. Usually, the misconception stems from the difference in the cost as we usually associate something that is cheaper in cost to be of inferior quality.

There is talent and experience all around the world but just spending less on an outsourced team is not an indicator of quality. The key to finding a high-quality software development team is by conducting thorough research about the offshore software development team and to examine their track record.

Pricing Can Get Out of Control:
While there is the possibility of an unexpected increase in cost during the project, it is important to consider outsourcing teams that provide complete transparency and are willing to discuss the financials throughout the duration of the project. Another way of managing costs is by quality testing during the project and gaining regular updates about the project’s milestones.

With clear communication and management, you can significantly decrease any deviation from the original budget and keep your project costs in control from the start.

You Have No Ownership:
Although this might be true in some scenarios, it is not standard in outsourcing. In fact, in most situations, the outsourcing team does not hold any ownership over the product being developed. Regardless, to ensure better security of the data provided, you can insist on getting a non-disclosure agreement and ownership agreement.

Offshore Companies Are Just Scams:
Even though this is one of the most common misconceptions, it is important to recognize that scams exist in every country and profession. The key, once again, is conducting thorough research in finding a reputable outsourcing team. By checking their credibility, references and contacting previous collaborators you can easily get an idea about the legitimacy of the offshore software development team and how they deal with their clients before committing to a project.